New graduates will be entering into a workforce that is continuously evolving as part of a Digital Society, and there are many things we will need to consider to keep up with its rapid evolution.

Does Your Dream Job Exist Yet, or Will it Still Exist in the Future?

In a Digital Society, many graduates may feel unsure about what jobs will be available to them and whether that career will still be relevant in ten years time.

“Technology is moving at an increasingly fast pace…While this might all be in the name of progress, it’s also having a negative effect on many traditional careers which are increasingly becoming automated.” — CareerAddict

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work by Megan_Rexazin, CCO

Siôn Phillpott suggests that Printing Press Operator, Sports Referee, and Travel Agent are among the jobs that may disappear by 2030 with the growth of technology taking over the need for these jobs. …

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Group of People Holding Arms by Pixabay, CC0

The third sector is unique in that it relies on donations rather than the state or private enterprise to operate, and therefore needs to be engaged with the public to fund itself. Charities need to find both supporters and volunteers to be able to function successfully, and thus requires a method to communicate with potential supporters. Social media can provide opportunities for this and also help organisations to spread their values and goals in new and innovative ways. Social media can also help charities to overcome the challenges of an increasingly digital society, and find new ways to raise funds.


Despite being a famous musician, with 35.5 million Twitter followers, Harry Styles is noticeably quiet on his social media, only using his accounts to promote his work or share causes he’s passionate about. However, this doesn’t mean he lacks interaction with his fans. To promote his second album, Styles created a website to communicate with them.

In October 2019, posters appeared around the world asking ‘Do You Know Who You Are?’.

Credit: @LTHSUpdates on Twitter

On 3rd of November 2019, Styles tweeted a link to, a site that helps fans ‘find out’ who they are through a generator that produces a personalised message from ‘H’. …

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